About us

Who we are

Arlington Christian Academy (ACA) is an educational ministry of the Arlington Church of God. In 1993, Dr. Diana L. Swoope, founding principal of Arlington Christian Academy, created what is known as, "The Affirmation Statement." The words ring through the halls of the Academy daily and serve as a reminder of the mission of Arlington Christian Academy.

”I am a unique creation of God. I was born to be a winner, and I will succeed, if I don’t spend too much time trying to fail. The color of my skin does not determine the content of my mind or my spirit. I will not accept the negative labels that society or others wish to pin on me. God created me to be a thinker. My thoughts are good, my opinions are special. I will study and work hard each day so that I can give and be my best. I will respect myself and I will respect others, for they too are creations of God. My life is too precious to waste on drugs, violence or rebellion. I will give my best because God, through Christ, has given me the best! I can do it, and by God’s grace, I will do it! Amen.”

ACA History Timeline

The Genesis
In 1988, twelve energetic students were enrolled into the first kindergarten class of the Academy. In order to accomplish the mission effectively the school chose to add just one grade level per year until it reached the eighth grade.
By 1990, the school had the required three grade levels to obtain a charter with the Ohio Board of Education. This charter gave full academic accreditation to the Academy, a certification process for our teachers, while still enabling the school to operate under its stated Christian mission.
The school obtained the charter in 1991, and in the same year became a member of the Association of Christian Schools International.
The First Graduates
In May 1997, twelve 8th grade students participated in the first commencement exercises of the Arlington Christian Academy.